Refreshing Your Operating Plan

The City of LondonFollowing the Strategy review we then we all meet. I will present the picture as I see it to you all - my view of what you’ve described individually, but laid out as an unattributable and confidential assessment, and discuss the team's priorities. It gives the group a picture with which they may agree or disagree - and please, don’t hold back!  This will give the group a snapshot to discuss, chaired by me. Diamonds, warts, and all.

Building on those areas you agree upon, we can work through the fuzzy areas to tighten up and refocus the existing plan and agree priorities and strategy going forward.


“No plan survives contact with the enemy.”
von Moltke.

Or updated: “No plan survives contact with reality”

Once that is agreed by all we can re-examine your SWOT analysis which will have formed part of the previous interviews, so that the plan going forward can be flexible, adaptable, and have a greater chance of success - and, vitally, your agreement and commitment.

Ongoing Engagement

Resulting from the above we can then agree an appropriate role going forward together as you decide.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Rollo Clifford