Rollo Clifford on Exmoor

Rollo Clifford

Rollo Clifford is an Internet entrepreneur and experienced observer of how humans cope with change. He has a proven experience in building and managing companies, charities and groups through the challenges of the Internet revolution. He also has a track record of spotting world changing technologies and successfully growing them.

He jointly ran The Conservative Business Liaison Unit under William Hague. During that time he organised the first UK, live, interactive, Internet, political appearance in 1996. He has a worldwide network of business and political contacts.

Rollo has also worked with charities and various policy units. Currently he is involved with:

  • The Swallow Foundation (medical technology charity)
  • One Day I Will (Internet mentoring)
  • The Ada Lovelace Foundation (being set up to help local, West Somerset, Exmoor, students learn and benefit from the Internet revolution). Ada wrote the first algorithms at Porlock in the 1830's with Charles Babbage - the inventor of computers......it's the Exmoor air! Visit www.porlock.co.uk!

Rollo lives on Exmoor, with his wife, and it is home for his children and grandchildren. Rollo Clifford is a District Councillor for West Somerset Council, England's smallest Council by population - and the most deprived area in England of the 214 Councils. It is often overlooked by the UK Government, despite being in the most beautiful region - the Exmoor National Park. He is actively involved locally working to improve this beautiful but underfunded area and ensure quality Broadband access to unlock the potential of all.

You can get in touch with Rollo Clifford via the contact page.